No EA Access for PS4 because Sony says it’s “not good value”

Thanks for looking out for us, Dad
EA Access, which offers unlimited access to FIFA and more, won't be on PS4

Electronic Arts’ EA Access service, announced yesterday for the Xbox One, sounds like pretty good value to us: for US$29.99 (RM96) a year or US$4.99 (RM16) a month, you get unlimited access to games including FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 and Madden NFL 25. But Sony apparently doesn’t agree – and that’s why it won’t be coming to the PlayStation 4.

A Sony spokesperson told Game Informer: “We evaluated the EA Access subscription offering and decided it that it does not bring the kind of value PlayStation customers have come to expect.”

Well, thanks for looking out for us dumb customers who can’t make our own decisions about what and what doesn’t represent good value, Sony.

Nanny knows best

A cynic might observe that EA Access is perhaps, for Sony, a little too similar to its own PlayStation Plus paid subscription service, which offers access to free games as well as multiplayer matchmaking. A cynic might think that Sony has nixed it not because it’s worried about nasty old Electronic Arts ripping off naive, vulnerable PS4 gamers but because it thinks EA Access will eat into PS Plus subscriptions.

We’ll leave you to decide if Sony is acting with its customers’ or its own best interests in mind here, but the fact is: if you want EA Access, you’ll only be getting it on the Xbox One.

[Source: GameInformer]

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