Niu N1 Electric Scooter Available In Malaysia

An eco-friendly ride under MYR 10K

Those seeking a fully electric transportation alternative in the motorcycle category would be pleased to know that MForce Bike Holdings is bringing in the N1 electric scooter from China-based manufacturer Niu.

Weighing only at 95kg, the N1 runs on a 1.5kW Bosch electric motor, and could go at a maximum torque of 65Nm and a top speed of 45km/h. The scooter is powered by a 29Ah removable Panasonic battery pack which takes up to 6 hours for a full charge. It's also equipped with a regenerative braking system that will top-up battery energy as you ride. Depending on how fast you're riding, the maximum range for the N1 is expected about 50 - 70km in a single charge.

The scooter comes with an LCD screen which displays the speed, battery level, and riding modes. There are three riding modes to chose from: energy saving, speed, and balanced. There's also a USB charger for you to charge your devices, if required. Also, you can connect the N1 to your phone via an app which provides information such as GPS tracking, diagnostics, and so on.

The Niu N1 is available now and is priced at MYR 8,800 inclusive of insurance, road tax and registration. For more information, do check out MForce Bike Holdings' website.