Nissan's Rear Door Alert will honk to ensure you check your back seat

Nissan wants to make sure you don't leave anything (or anyone) behind

If you've ever left something in the back seat and regretted it, Nissan has a feature to help you out.

Keeping your conscience and your car clear

The new Rear Door Alert (RDA) is designed to make drivers check their rear seat before exiting.

How does it do that? The car will detect if the rear car door has been opened and if it isn't opened again when you park, it will honk to remind you to check the rear.

While honking might seem annoying for some drivers, Nissan says it is far more effective than visual reminders on the dashboard.

For people who often bring young children and/or pets along, the danger of forgetting they're in the back seat is real. Too many cases of them being trapped in cars, due to forgetful drivers, have been recorded to make it a legitimate concern.

It's great if you leave your stuff in backseat too, as long as you used the rear doors first. 

The feature will be seen in upcoming models as well. So parents/pet-owners/forgetful drivers can consider the new Nissan's as possible future vehicle investments.

[Source: Nissan]