Nissan's figuring out how to make your brain talk to your car

Brain-to-vehicle tech might be the future of Nissan's cars

Wouldn’t it be interesting to make your brain talk to your car? That’s what Nissan is trying to do with its new “brain to vehicle” (B2V) tech.

What happens is that the driver puts on a skullcap device that measures brain activity. An AI system will then use the information to predict what you’ll be doing -whether you’ll brake or turn and then pre-emptively initiating the action 0.2 to 0.5 seconds before reacting.

It’s all part of Nissan’s drive to make driving more enjoyable, instead of just focusing on making cars more autonomous.

Nissan senior researcher Lucian Gheorghe said, "Nissan is the very first manufacturer that is bringing real-time brain activity in vehicles as a means for enhancing driving pleasure.”

It’s not about automation, instead the B2V system will be manual with a minor technological assist. As autonomous driving still has a way to go, it makes sense that Nissan is focusing on making the current driving experience better. Let's see how long it takes for B2V to make it to our cars.

[Source: Engadget]