Nissan repurposing old Leaf batteries into energy storage

What's not to like about greener energy intitatives?

Nissan's decided it can do more with old Leaf batteries. It is converting those used lithium-ion batteries into commercial energy storage in a partnership with Green Charge Networks.

Why bother instead of just disposing or recycling? Apparently these second-life energy storage unit prove cost-advantageous as opposed to creating new batteries.

So what happens is that once those batteries are removed they are then converted into energy stores and thus continue living on instead of filling waste dumps. If you’re the type who would buy an electric car for environmental concerns, then this gives you another reason to buy a Leaf – that even its old batteries won’t go to waste.

It's an interesting choice for Nissan to make as other car manufacturers are busy trying to create super-batteries to compete with Tesla, Nissan is just figuring out new things to do with old batteries.

[Source: Nissan]