Nintendo’s new NX console could support 4K video streaming

900p, 60fps games are on the cards too

Very little is known about Nintendo’s upcoming NX console, but we might now have a glimpse at its potential power.

A survey by the GFK Research Group - a company that Nintendo uses to survey the public on new games and hardware - has leaked online, and it lists 4K video streaming and 900p 60fps gameplay as possible options.

It’s obviously far too early to verify these features, but if true, then the NX will be the first console to support 4K video streaming.

The gameplay resolution of 900p is likely referring to 1600 x 900, which is a lower resolution than 1080p. The 60fps gameplay however should be smoother than most Xbox One games, although the PlayStation 4 still manages 1080p resolution at that frame rate.

The survey also supports past rumours, namely the ones that state that the NX system will consist of a console, a handheld Wii U controller-like accessory, and a sensor bar.

That’s pretty much all we know about the mysterious console for the time being, though Square Enix has previously confirmed that Dragon Quest XI will eventually make its way to the new console.

We expect more information to leak over the next year, so stay tuned for more info, as and when we get it.

[Twitter via Tech Radar]