Nintendo's 2D XL is cheaper, but still pretty cool

You won't lose anything besides 3D and get a lower price

It seems Nintendo is slowly phasing out the 3DS console, instead moving to the cheaper 2DS platform what with its latest announcement: the Nintendo 2DS XL.

Same old goodness

The 2DS consoles were cheaper consoles that could still play 3DS games without the 3D. But what made them less attractive was that the consoles didn't have a clamshell form factor. This made it less portable than the 3DS.

With the 2DS XL, you now get the cheaper 2DS innards inside a 3DS shell, which will make it attractive to gamers on a budget.

Why the 2DS instead of a Switch? The Switch is far more expensive than the portable consoles, with the 3DS and 2DS still being cheaper alternatives with better battery life. For those with smaller budgets, the 2DS XL makes a tempting proposition especially at its retail price of US$149.99 (RM655).

There will still be support for Amiibos as well as access to the many games available in Nintendos 3DS, 2DS and DS libraries.

But if you've got your heart set on a Nintendo Switch instead, check out our review of Nintendo's latest console.

[Source: Nintendo]