Nintendo Switch Patent Leaks SNES Functionality

The 16-bit era is making a glorious return.

While most of us might have gotten our start with Nintendo with their 8-bit offerings, like the original Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt, it is undeniable that their 16-bit foray is what cemented Nintendo as the most important video game company. And thanks to a patent leak, we now know that Nintendo is looking to bring back one of their best game libraries.

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a Virtual Console feature, a feature that allows for modern Nintendo systems to play games from their previous consoles. The Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS all had this feature on the forefront, allowing for those who missed out on the games on the NES, SNES, Gameboy, and Nintendo 64 to give them a shot.

With the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, users do get a whole library of NES to play whenever they want. Along with that, Nintendo released new NES controllers that works wirelessly with the Switch. According to an FCC patent filing, we now know that Nintendo is planning the same thing with the SNES controller. 


The patent filing doesn’t reveal much. Besides the fact that just like the NES controller, it’ll also have Bluetooth support, 525 mAH battery, and a USB port. No word on whether it’ll have an Amiibo scanner or motion controls. In any case, we hope to see more of this development soon.