Do These Accessories Confirm The Nintendo Switch Mini?

Maybe a couple of silicone covers could convince us that the Switch Mini is real.

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch, people have quickly started to speculate on how the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch will be. Could it be a drastic innovation like the Gameboy to the Gameboy Colour, major quality of life improvements from the Gameboy Advance to the Gameboy Advance SP?  The possibilities are endless.

Earlier in the year, we covered on the rumoured versions of the Switch that may come this year, that being a “Mini” version and a “Pro” version. All signs point to Nintendo using the same tactic they’ve used on the Nintendo 3DS, by having the regular 3DS, the XL version for hardcore fans, and the cheaper 2DS. Recent leaks and renders seem to really hone in on the Switch Mini taking a lot of cues from the Nintendo 2DS.

Of course, this rumour isn’t new but there are two new pieces of info that seem to bring credence to this lingering speculation. Two accessory makers have shown off their designs for cases, supposedly for this new breed of Nintendo Switch. The first comes from Shenzhen-based accessory maker, Honson. On their website, the company has a landing page for the Nintendo Switch Mini and includes a silicone case for sale, which is similar to the simple cases you’ll find on smartphones. Though it hasn’t been confirmed on whether this is just a 3D render or an actual product.

More recently, as it was first covered on German site Winfuture, another silicone case have surfaced and this time made by Big Ben. This casing instead is more similar to the silicone glove you could get for Wiimotes. What makes this product a little more believable than the last is that the packaging  for Big Ben’s silicone casing clearly has “Nintendo Switch Mini 2” labeled on them.

Overall, these leaks cannot be corroborated just yet, but do take them with a pinch of salt. Everybody’s clamouring for a new version of the Switch, even though the current base version is doing well enough with no signs of slowing down. Maybe there really is a Switch Mini coming to us soon, but we’re going to have to wait for an official announcement from Nintendo before we start taking the word from third-party accessory makers.