Nintendo Switch Lite’s Circuit Board Hints At The Upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro

The Nintendo Switch Pro might be codenamed Thor.

We are a month away from the worldwide release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, and while we know how the device runs based on what Nintendo themselves has revealed, most fans are really eager to know what really makes the device tick as well as the differences it has internally with the original base model Switch.

Thanks to the American Federal Communications Commission's website, we have a closer look at the Nintendo Switch Lite’s circuit board. The biggest takeaway from this is the size of the battery, going from the original 16 watt-hour battery, to a smaller 13 watt-hour battery. As we’ve noted before, the Switch Lite can last for up to 6 to 7 hours of playtime, and the smaller battery does allow for the Switch Lite’s steady battery life since it omits a number of key features from the base model.

One really noteworthy thing about the Nintendo Switch Lite’s circuit board is the name that is assigned to it. Most companies will name their device’s circuit boards with codenames, so naturally Nintendo does the same. The original Nintendo Switch circuit board was codenamed Odin, and the Switch Lite’s circuit board is codenamed Vali, who in Norse Mythology is one of Odin’s sons. So, judging from this naming convention, could the upcoming Switch Pro’s circuit board be named Thor?

Codenaming Nintendo’s most powerful Switch with the name Thor is pretty appropriate, though it seems that we’re still quite a while away from the actual Switch Pro. At the very least, we’ll get to enjoy the Nintendo Switch Lite on the 20th of September.