Pokemon Sword And Shield Edition Announced For Nintendo Switch Lite Does Not Include The Game

But it does look super cool though.

Nintendo recently announced a new model called the Switch Lite. It is a handheld-only model of the Switch and is set to release this September. Three different colour options will be made available but if you are patient, there will be a different colour option available in November to coincide with the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Yes, it is a Pokemon-themed version of the Switch Lite.

This edition has to be said is the best looking of the options currently available. The "Zacian and Zamazenta Edition" is named after the two Legendary Pokemon that represent the titular Sword and Shield aspects of each game. It has a light gray tone for the body with blue and magenta face buttons, together with a cool looking artwork of the two pokemons on the back.


It will be released on November 8 at the same price of USD 200, but the Pokemon Sword and Shield game will not be included. You will have to buy the game separately when it releases on November 15.


Based on what we know, the Switch Lite is a lighter, smaller and stripped version of the popular Nintendo Console. Considered one of the worst kept secrets in the gaming industry, the Switch Lite comes with a cheaper price tag and certain main features removed.