Nintendo kills your retro dreams: NES Classic discontinued

Nintendo says the product was never intended to be a permanent part of its lineup

If you'd been planning on getting the NES Classic 'eventually', then prepare to be disappointed. Nintendo is discontinuing the retro console in the US, along with the console's accessories.

eBay is your only hope

Nintendo did not confirm if the discontinuation of the console would also apply to countries outside the US. It sold around 1.5 million units, which is testament to gaming nostalgia.

Yet, despite how popular the console was, Nintendo doesn't see the point of selling more of the unit despite the company frowning on emulation.

It's a pity that Nintendo is making it difficult to play classic games legally and for a decent price - it's unlikely the NES Classic would dig into the sales of its current modern consoles such as the Switch. Despite the demand, Nintendo is probably not seeing the benefit of ramping up production considering the supply issues it had with the console due to the high demand.

Check out how it fared when we took it on a spin. You could probably find it on an auction site but if it costs as much as the Switch, we'd suggest you go for that instead.

[Source: IGN]