Nintendo fans, brace yourselves for your Humble Bundle

Nintendo indie games? Don't mind if we do

An awesome way to get awesome cheap games for your PC and your smart phone is through the Humble Bundle which actually donates a portion of the money that you spend to several worth causes. Here comes the good news: from today onwards, the shop has extended its services to consoles as well, but more particularly Nintendo devices.

The bundles available includes Woah Dave and Mighty Switch Force for the 3DS and Guacamelee for the Wii U. If you spend just a little more you will be able to grab games like Steamworld Dig and OlliOlli as well. The sale runs for the next two weeks and more games will be added along the way.

While there is no official announcement supporting this yet but this could be a start that we might be able to expect more game bundles for more consoles in the future, according to Humble Bundle co-founder John Graham via the Polygon.

Click here to check out the Humble Bundle.

[source : The Verge]