Nintendo bringing Zelda to the mobile phone

We're still waiting for Animal Crossing, Nintendo

It seems Nintendo is making further forays into the mobile scene with yet another game: Zelda.

Another freemium?

The details are still sketchy but it seems that Nintendo will be bringing its popular Zelda franchise to the mobile platform.

This is a little surprising considering it hasn't yet to bring another of its touted titles, Animal Crossing, to mobile despite confirming the game was being ported.

Super Mario Run, while getting a lot of buzz initially, was a disappointment where getting users to purchase the full game was concerned. It has also yet to bring its Fire Emblem: Heroes game worldwide, with it being unavailable in most Asian countries including Southeast Asia.

The complexity of the Zelda series means that the game more likely will be stripped down to its basic elements, much the way Fire Emblem was for mobile.

It also looks like Nintendo will continue with its freemium model with Zelda, instead of porting a full older title to mobile, the way Square Enix did with its Final Fantasy series.

Still, Nintendo could yet surprise so Zelda fans, keep looking out to  Nintendo's next foray into the mobile gaming space.

[Source: TechCrunch]