Nikon joins the selfie stick craze

Who'd have thought that Nikon would join the selfie-natics?

Nikon recently unveiled its own branded selfie stick for its Coolpix point-and-shoot range of cameras, so Nikon fans rejoice.

Attach one selfie stick to another

The N-MP001 (Selfie Stick) is created for the following Coolpix models: S6900 (aka Selfie Ready), L32, AW130, S33, S7000, S3700 and S9900. 

It attaches to the tripod socket on your camera, and on the other end of the selfie stick, you can connect it to a tripod, or better yet, another selfie stick! The stick measures 7.28 inches (18.50 metres) when collapsed, and 28.54 inches (72.5 metres) when fully extended. It weighs only 160g and  can carry cameras weighing up to 400g. You don’t have to worry as long as it’s not a DSLR that you want to attach on.  The difference of the Nikon stick compared to others is that it is specifically designed to safely carry and handle their own branded cameras and can also be used for shot angle versatility.

The signature selfie stick is now available for preorder on B&H and ADORAMA for US$59.95(RM218) but there is no clear date announced for shipping as yet.

[Source: TNW]