Nikon AW1: the world’s first underwater interchangeable lens camera

Rugged, compact sub-aqua system features two new lenses – and can take a real pounding
Nikon AW1 main

Interchangeable lens cameras are often well-built, but few – if any – could take the kind of punishment you can dish out to the new Nikon AW1.

Nikon claims this snapper, which fits into the company’s 1 system, is the world’s first water- and shockproof interchangeable lens camera ever. It’s waterproof to a depth of 15m, shockproof to drops of 2m in height, freeze-proof up to -10 degrees celsius and fully sealed against dust.

Subaquatic shooting

Nikon AW1 in white

It’s that “waterproof to 15m” spec that really interests us. This isn’t merely a splash-proof camera built to survive the odd unexpected downpour – it’s an actual underwater snapper you can take snorkelling. Previously, you’d have needed to invest in a bulky, awkward-to-use underwater housing if you wanted to take any lens-swapping snapper 'neath the waves, but the AW1 changes the game. We're itching to get hold of one, even if it means we have to endure a week-long trip to, say, the Bahamas in order to properly try it out.

Sensory overload

Nikon AW1 with CF-N6000 silicone case

The camera features a 14.2MP CMOS sensor and ISO up to 6400, continuous shooting speeds of up to 60fps (15fps with autofocus) and Nikon’s advanced hybrid autofocus system. A suite of built-in sensors (GPS, GLONASS, altimeter, depth gauge, compass, and virtual horizon) means every shot can be embedded with precise location and orientation detail.

You can even clad it in a rubbery CF-N6000 silicone jacket for extra grip and protection, and from spring next year a SB-N10 underwater Speedlight flash will be available.

Available from £750

Nikon AW 10mm lens
Nikon AW1 in black
Nikon AW1 in silver

There are two weatherproof lenses available for the AW1: an 11-27mm zoom and a 10mm F2.8 wide-angle prime. They all go on sale from 10th October.