Nike's holographic tech is a new way of designing sneakers

The technology would incorporate a digital pen and a "head-mounted display"

Nike's just patented what could be a new way for the company to design sneakers. Called an "Augmented Reality Design System", the drawing indicates what looks like someone wearing an Oculus Rift-like device. Of course digitally sketched sneakers are nothing new. Nike's own NikeID system lets users customise their sneakers online. But what sets this particular tech apart is that itis sneaker building from the ground up.

While the headgear depicted looks  like the VR headpieces we're seeing more frequently, the patent veers more towards holographic technology where virtual images will be overlaid onto things viewed in real life.

Holographic creativity, perhaps

The file was apparently filed way back in 2010 and though the patent details some of the technology, nowhere is it stated what Nike is actually using it for. It's all conjecture from this paint, however. Perhaps it's for internal use only. Perhaps it was something they experimented with earlier and decided to patent just in case it proved useful in future.

Still, at a time where VR tech and wearables are evolving, it'll be interesting to see how Nike would use this. Perhaps for ultra-custom sneakers as a premium service? Making shoes for athletes that can be custom-made down to every detail; there is pretty much a market for that. Or it could just be a long list of patents that lie buried on a shelf, never to be used.
In the meantime, we'll keep you updated on whether Nike plans to do anything with the patent.

[Source: CNet]