Nike’s got a new app, and it’s one that brings everything soccer to your fingers

Nike Football lets you create soccer matches, chat with friends, and get exclusive Nike gear
Nike’s got a new app, and it’s one that brings everything soccer to your fingers

It’s almost the end of the World Cup season and the soccer fever will probably die down soon; don’t let it. Nike’s created a new app that brings to you everything the game has to offer, and it’s in your control.

Named Nike Football, the app essentially is a space for you to create your own soccer matches, have a chat with friends and teammates (with custom emoji too), and give you access to exclusive Nike products.

So now, you don’t have to create a Facebook event for a soccer match with your pals, then a separate WhatsApp chat group to communicate with them, and visit the Nike website to check out their goodies – it makes more sense to do it all from one app. 

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How it works

There are two features to it – the “Play” and “Crew” functions that are native to the app. What “Crew” does is use geo-tracking technology to let you form micro-communities so that you can connect with your friends and teammates and keep abreast of match opportunities.

“Play” goes hand-in-hand with “Crew” – it lets you set the specifics of a kick-about, such as setting the time and venue, as well as monitor who’s in for the game. Very handy to keep up with last minute dropouts and know who's next on the banned list for dropping out way too often.

The Nike Football app will also be the only gateway to score a place at the Nike Academy (a UK-based football academy that offers players a route to the pros by setting up fixtures against leading clubs) via registration for any academy-related trials (where applicable).

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for free.   

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