The next time you fly an Airbus plane, you might be wearing a virtual reality helmet

Games, movies, heck, you could even see out of the plane and fly like a bird
You could be donning a VR Helmet on a plane in future

Flights, especially long-haul types, can be a real bore even with all the in-flight entertainment. But that's going to change based on a new patent for virtual reality helmets filed by aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

The patent reads, “The helmet in which the passenger houses his/her head offers him/her sensorial isolation with regard to the external environment”. What this means is that through the use of these VR helmets,flight passengers can really immerse themslves in the virtual reality experience.

The head capsules will apparently be equipped with ear-cupping headphones that provide music. Of course you’ve got the choice of watching movies, which changes the entire ball game of movie entertainment altogether.

They’ll most likely use the “opto-electronic” screen or “image diffusion glasses” to possibly feed you movies in 3D.  

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For all to use

You could be donning a VR Helmet on a plane in future

But if you prefer doing work instead, you can turn on the virtual keyboard (it’ll appear on your tray table), throw on a pair of motion capture gloves and start typing. The nicely ventilated helmets could even go the extra mile to pipe in different scents, a very handy feature we reckon.

We think the concept can be pretty exciting, unless you decide to watch that flight scene from Final Destination on it. Such VR headsets are already changing the gaming sphere, so why wouldn’t you want them on planes?

Besides, if it gets implemented on economy class, it could “transport” you into an alternate setting where you don’t really have to care about uncomfortable tight spaces. But considering  all the regulations and added weight carriers have to face before implementation, you probably shouldn’t expect the helmets anytime in the near future.

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[Source and images: Wired]