Next Glass helps you boldly try new beer without offending your tastebuds

App lets you know whether you'll like a brew based on what you do like
Next Glass helps you boldly try new beer without offending your tastebuds

Ever tried a new beer or wine on someone else's recommendation and found it lacking? Next Glass is the app that will help prevent disappointment by tracking what you do like and then making a recommendation. Best bit, of course, is the app's free.

Next Glass claims to have tested thousands of alcoholic drinks, analysed over 20,000 compounds and created a nice little database it calls the Genome Cellar.

Drink only what you like

To get accurate matches, you need only to scan a bevy of different wines and beers, rate them and create your own Taste Profile. Manually search for drinks you have tried and liked if you haven't heard of or actually tried some of the drinks shown to you when you login to the app for the first time.

The app is fairly easy to use and has a very impressive selection. Think of it as Tinder for your alcohol, with the app matchmaking you with the perfect drink for your next house party or pub crawl.

A handy feature is being able to scan a label of a beer and the app then giving it a rating. Of course, the question is whether your hand will be steady enough while holding the camera and one user in a review saying it was difficult using the scanner with the bigger iPhone 6 Plus.

You can also view your friends' drink preferences in the app, which makes it handy before you bring over your next wine gift.

Sadly the app is US-only on the App Store and Google Play shows the app being incompatible with all our devices here. Of course, ingenious folks will find a way to install the APK on their Android devices and give it a try on your next beer outing.

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