Next Apple Watch 2 could have slimmer, sleeker display

Next watch could also include a GPS chip

If you thought the current Apple Watch was bulky, then the upcoming update to the wearable will please you with its thinner profile and better battery.

Apple is apparently going to implement a One Glass Solution (OGS) for the display, which will need just one piece of glass as opposed to the current two pieces needed for the original Apple Watch.

Besides being slimmer, the benefit of such a display is that it will leave more space in the chassis for a larger battery. One of the biggest criticisms levelled at the current Apple Watch is its poor battery life, a feature that Apple will likely try to remedy.

Another rumour is that Apple plans to use Micro LED displays to replace OLED to also make displays thinner, but this new feature might only arrive in 2017, so you might not see it on the next Apple Watch just yet.

Other specs that are rumoured include a GPS chip, new custom S2 processor, LTE connectivity and perhaps a FaceTime camera. Check out the rest of the rumors so far here. Expect more news around the same time the next iPhone launches.

[Source: BGR]