New Xiaomi Mi3S smartphone confirmed

It might be slated for an April 9 launch in conjunction with the Xiaomi festival
New Xiaomi Mi3S smartphone confirmed

Xiaomi’s own big boss Lei Jun has leaked the details of their new phone, the Mi3S and we could be expecting an April 9 launch for it, in conjunction with the annual Xiaomi festival.

It’s believed to be the new version of the Mi3 (which is expected in Malaysia by end April) and will have significant improvements over its predecessor. This includes 4G LTE network support, improved front and back camera modules and more memory. Hard specs haven’t been released yet so we can’t confirm how much of these are true.

The Mi3S isn't the only phone that we can expect on 9th April. It's possible that two new Xiaomi Redmi devices will also be launched on the same day, with the higher-end model sporting an Octa-core processor.

China will be the first market to get these new phones, followed by Singapore and Malaysia. Stuff understands that a launch date sometime during early Q3 2014 is expected for both markets.

Source: GizChina

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