New WhatsApp emojis look a lot like Apple's

New emojis incoming for Android WhatsApp users

WhatsApp is apparently working on its own emojis, which you can expect to see on a future Android version.

Custom emojis, hello

Why bother? It's not surprising as custom emojis within apps are a usual thing with even Facebook and Twitter having their own. If you look at the emoji samples it seems that WhatsApp pretty much took its cues from Apple's emoji designs.

The differences are subtle, but obvious enough. Hey, look there's now a poop emoji too if you want one.

That means that Android WhatsApp users will soon have access to emojis similar to the ones on iOS, without needing to switch platforms.

Interested in having a look at these new emoji up close? Just signup for the WhatsApp beta here.

[Source: Blogepedia]