New Wasteland 2 Beta Build goes live today

So there's a new beta build but when's the full game coming?
New Wasteland 2 Beta Build goes live today

It may not be ready yet but Wasteland 2 is taking one step closer to a full release. The follow up to the game that inspired the legendary Fallout series will live a new beta build today, giving fans a chance to see what's coming. The new beta-build will see new inventories, new locations, changes to existing locations, destructible objects, new combat animations and more ambient sound.

We love that inXile is allowing beta access for a narrative driven RPG, and we love the fact that to date the team has already addressed more than 1000 bugs and suggestions out of the 2300 submitted since the first beta-build first came out. But seriously, when will the full game be released?

“When it’s ready” is the answer, which doesn’t really answer anything at all. It might come sooner than you think though as the studio does mention that they are in the “final stretch” of development. Can’t wait for the full game and want access? Don’t worry; inXile has actually opened the beta-build to the general public. It’s going to cost you a pretty penny. It’s available via Steam at US$60 (RM198) via their Early Access Game purchase. Don’t worry, you’re not just paying for the beta build access as you’ll be getting the full game when it eventually rolls out.

So rangers, it's time to strap on your gear and start heading out for some Wasteland 2 fun.

Source: Joystiq