New Twitter account might be sign Xiaomi is expanding into the US soon

Mi 5 smartphone also spotted on US website, likely the first to be made available there

Another sign Xiaomi could be setting its eyes on the US market popped up on Twitter, in the form of a Xiaomi Twitter account. This is perhaps a hint that the company's expansion into the US market could be coming sooner than later.

Last month Reuters reported that the company had purchased 1500 patents from Microsoft, that senior vice president Wang Xiang said was "an important step forwards to support our expansion internationally."

So far Xiaomi has confirmed it would be selling its Mi Box to US customers, as well as selling headphones, battery packs and wearables. Smartphones however have not been available, the reason, analysts say, is due to Xiaomi's lack of legal protections in the US and its vulnerability to lawsuits. However a quick look at the Xiaomi US website showed the Mi 5 displayed on the front of the site, a sign that the Xiaomi flagship could be coming to the US as well.

The purchase of patents might give the company more leeway to operate in the US market, a necessary one for Xiaomi as the company faces increasing competition and shrinking market share in its home market. Its market share fell to 12 per cent from 13 per cent, and shipments of Xiaomi phones in China fell 9 per cent in the first quarter, thanks to competition from Samsung, Huawei and other brands such as Vivo and Oppo.

This might just be what Xiaomi needs to truly be a global contender. With its high-spec, affordably-priced phones, the US market just might be very receptive to Xiaomi's entry.