New tri-SIM phones for the frequent travellers

Dual-SIM phones are so passe, these new tri-SIM phones will show you what a real travellers phone is like

If you’re a frequent traveller, we’re pretty sure you love dual-SIM phones.  The availability of prepaid lines in certain regions makes having a dual-sim phone handy and helps keeps your costs down.

That doesn’t seem to be enough though as GooPhone and LG have unveiled triple-SIM phones using MediaTek’s triple-SIM chip. Don’t expect high specs though. Like most of the multi-SIM phones out in the market, you’re not going to be getting cream of the crop performance.

The GooPhone X1+ reportedly comes with a dual core MT6572 processor and a 5 inch FWVGA screen while LG’s version, the L4 II is 3.8 incher with a measly 1GHz chip. The good news though is that both phones, despite the inclusion of the tri-SIM chip, won’t take much of a hit battery-wise so they’ll be perfect for long travels.

Now if only HTC will fit one of these tri-SIM chips into the HTC One. We’ll have the perfect travel phone.

(Via Engadget)