New online tool from Google will help you pick your next Android phone

Overwhelmed by choice? Google will help

A new website that helps people pick out their next Android device was launched recently by Google. It will ask you questions about how you plan to use your possible future device and it uses the information to suggest suitable phones.

So let’s break it down a little bit - the website will ask you those questions and offer 12 options that consists of choices such as taking photos, social media, staying fit, business and much more. Every time you go through a selection they will then pose questions regarding that specific option that you have chosen.

For example, when you choose “listening to music”, the website will then take you to questions such as “how many hours do you plan on listening the device?” and “are you going to listen through headphones or speakers?”

Once you have selected three of the options/interests  you will be able to choose which carrier that you would want to provide for you and finally, Google will offer up the suggestions of which phones may be suitable for you together with a side by side comparison.

We have to admit, it's pretty nifty and if you don't have time to answer your pesky relatives about phone buying decisions, tell them to Google.

[source : Android Central]