New OnePlus phone uncovered in FCC filing

Supposed "OnePlus E" has iPhone inspirations, but hard details are thin

Earlier this year, just days after announcing the OnePlus 2, company co-founder Carl Pei said they'd have another phone out before the end of the year. And then he talked it up, like it might be even more powerful than its current, still-new flagship.

It was a strange move from a marketing perspective; then again, Pei recently asked Samsung for an internship, and playing by the book isn't exactly OnePlus' philosophy. In any case, it looks like the upstart company really does have another phone in the pipeline, if a recently uncovered FCC filing is any indication.

What you're seeing is the One E1005, according to the listing, which surely won't be its proper consumer branding. The device has a 1.9Ghz processor of some sorts and a microUSB port, but the most interesting thing we can actually tell at this point is how much it looks to integrate iPhone-like design. From the bottom, it looks like a cross between the iPhone 6 and Apple's earlier-gen phones.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot more we know for sure at this point, aside from the fact that it'll have LTE support. Much of the listing has been hidden due to a confidentiality request, although The Verge suggests that it'll have a 5.5in display. Might this be a lower-end version for developing markets, rather than the high-end flagship that Pei teased?

OnePlus held an event in India today to announce that it would start building the OnePlus 2 locally to help expand its presence in the country, but there wasn't any word about the OnePlus E. Hopefully it won't be long before we hear more, especially if the company plans to beat Christmas with its next device.

[Source: FCC via The Verge]