The new OnePlus 2 will feature a USB-C port

Looks as though it's soon becoming a common feature

The handphone maker OnePlus who has a habit of announcing specs for new devices one at a time on Twitter, announced that their up and coming predecessor to their current flagship phone will be powered by using a USB-C cable.

Using USB-C will decrease charging time for the device and offer faster transfer speeds via the cable. The only other phone which is rumored to be using a USB-C port is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but even that is just a rumour and it won’t be announced anytime soon. OnePlus may be the first company to upgrade their devices with USB-C.

iPhones in the future are also expected to convert to using USB-C as Apple announced in March that the MacBook’s charging and data port is a USB-C port.

[source : VentureBeat]