New Huawei phone has a nifty sliding camera

Yet unnamed model only dubbed the ATH-AL00 at the moment

Despite already just releasing new models, Huawei seems to be readying another new phone that seems to have a sliding camera module.

What's interesting is that unlike the standard design where one camera will be in front and another at the back, Huawei's put them both on a sliding assembly. The back camera will work per usual but the selfie unit will need you to press a button, that will trigger it to slide up.

As to why they made the camera that way, it could perhaps be a way to fit in a dual-tone dual-LED for both cameras. Currently dubbed the Huawei ATH-ALOO precious little information has leaked otherwise, with speculation it might have a fingerprint scanner. Expect it also to carry one of Huawei's in-house Kirin chipsets as well.