New Hotlink offer that gives you three times the internet

More generous offers but on the prepaid side

Maxis has recently announced it is offering three times more Internet with its ReloadPlus. All you need to do is to purchase a ReloadPlus and if you purchase a RM 10 ReloadPlus, you get 300MB of internet which is three times the original 100MB, and you get to enjoy free calls and SMSes worth up to RM10. The RM 15 ReloadPlus gives you 750MB internet and free calls and SMSes worth RM15.

The reload is valid for only seven days and the account lifecycle will extend 10 days upon activation. You can also accumulate the airtime by buying multiple ReloadPlus but there is a limit cap of RM30 and if you do not finish it after 7 days, whatever airtime left will be forfeited so you will need to make sure to finish up your airtime before then.

ReloadPlus can be purchased by dialing *100# on your mobile or you can make a purchase via the Hotlink RED app.

[source : LowYat]