New fanless 12in MacBook Air incoming

Thinking of picking up a new Macbook? Might want to hold off a little while longer
New fanless 12in MacBook Air incoming

Apple is currently working on a 12in MacBook with a fanless design and new trackpad, according to a previously reliable source on Chinese site Weiphone.

The new trackpad no longer includes the mechanical button system currently in use, and the lack of a fan will result in near-silent operation, hopefully without resulting in lap-searing heat.

A 12in MacBook falls directly in between the 11in and 12in MacBook Air models, and just beneath the 13in and 15in MacBook Pro models, and it's currently unclear which camp the mystery MacBook will fall into.

We'd quite like to see a 12in Macbook Air with slimmer bezels replace the existing 11in model, as long as Apple is able to work its magic and cram a larger screen into the same sized body. Given the rumours of a 12in MacBook Air which circulated earlier this year, we could very well be right. Maybe.

It's currently unclear exactly how the buttonless trackpad will work, but Apple has filed a patent for a buttonless trackpad which uses multiple sensors and an actuator to mimic clicking a button, which seems like a safe bet to us.

The source also believes that MacBook Air updates are on the way, and we expect to see a Retina Display refresh across all MacBook Air models.

The iWatch also gets a mention. The source confirms that an iWatch device exists, but it's still currently in its prototype stage and it'll be a while before anything is officially announced.

Stay tuned for more info, as and when we get it.

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