New Dyson Air Multiplier fan is nearly silent

The latest fan from the engineering wizards will waft you off to sleep with its hushed tones
Dyson Air Multiplier

Not so much Hot Stuff as Cool Stuff, really.You've got us – this is the new Dyson Air Multiplier.

They look just like the old one to me. Ah, but it's what's inside that counts. Dyson's acoustic engineers have been beavering away on the innards to make the new range of Air Multipliers 75 per cent quieter than their predecessors.

How have they done that, then? They've stripped out airflow obstructions and added acoustic cavities to reduce turbulence, while a Helmholtz cavity in the base of the fan dissipates sound waves to eliminate tones of 1000Hz – that's the maddening high-pitched whine of a mosquito in flight, fact fans.

So it won't wake me up? Au contraire, it'll waft you off to sleep. There's a new remote control with a sleep timer; you can select one of 10 airflow settings, set a time up to nine hours, and leave the fan to cool you down just enough.

Lovely. How much?You'll be able to pick up the AM06 model from March for £220 (RM1205), with the AM07, AM07 Mini and AM08 setting you back £300 (RM1640). I'm your biggest fan. But not the quietest.

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