New digital pen lets you JOT your words on plain paper

Alternative to Livescribe needs no special paper, but you do need an Apple device

Remember the Livescribe pen? Also remember how it hasn't exactly set the world on fire? Well, you now have another choice of digital pen and this one lets you write on any paper; not just pricey Livescribe dotted paper. One catch, though. You have to have an iOS device.

Easy-peasy syncing

Now the basic conceit of the device is that you use a Bluetooth receiver that takes input from the pen and then sends it to a nearby iOS device. As you write, the pen's custom app will then save the stuff you wrote. Which is pretty cool if you want a digital backup of written notes.

You get not one app, but two. There's the Equl Note app for written notes, while the Equil Sketch is for, of course, drawing. You get neat extras in the latter like customised pen input and image layers. Sharing and syncing to iCloud and Dropbox is also supported.

Of course, you wonder why people don't just write directly on the tablet. Or stick to writing notes on paper the old-fashioned way. But I suppose this lets you have the best of both worlds. It is currently priced at US$149.99 (RM473.07), no word yet when it'll come to our neck of the woods.

[Source: Engadget]