Is this the new budget plastic iPhone?

Photos of a plastic iPhone have leaked and not only do they look convincing, they make a potentially budget iPhone look attractive too
budget plastic iphone

Is this the budget plastic iPhone we've heard so much about? If it is, there's going to be a fight. On the one hand, we've seen tackier mid-tier smartphones. On the other, it looks like an iPhone 5 in a cheap hard shell.

Not so cheap

budget plastic iphone
budget plastic iphone

The US tech website responsible for leaking the snaps, Techdy, claims we can expect a 4in display and white plastic polycarbonate casing.

The phone's base has four speaker holes and a mic next to the headphone port. It's in keeping with Apple's manufacturing layout, thought the purported budget iPhone seems to be missing its power button – which makes us think this leak is dubious at best.

Of course this could be an early prototype – especially with Apple's usual iPhone release date still a while away (it's normally around September). But If Apple can cram the power of an iPhone 5 into a rumoured cheaper body, we'll be holding out our money. [Techdy via Telegraph]