New Apple patent could mean an even better iPhone 6 Plus camera

New tech uses a colour-splitting cube for extra accurate photos

Not content with adding optical image stabilisation (OIS) to the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple could be adding a zoom lens and a light splitter to its camera tricks.

Apparently, a colour-splitting tube would help add a new level of photographic accuracy - better contrast and visibility and it would work in tandem with Apple's planned zoom lens. The light would be split into three separate colour components, with three image sensors created to receive each of the separate streams.

Real zoom for iPhones next?

As for the zoom lens, it has a motorised actuator to control an inbuilt moveable lens. It would allow a zoom light years beyond what current Apple cameras have. Goodbye digital zoom, it was nice knowing you.

The reality is, though, where would such tech fit in the traditional slim iPhone body. Apple might be willing to make its phone bigger, like in the case of the iPhone 6 Plus, but would it be willing to add bulk for a better camera? Perhaps Apple will sit on the patent for a while until it can make it fit right inside a svelte iPhone.

[Source: DigitalTrend]