Never miss a good Tweet again with new update

Twitter is doing an 'in case you missed it' with its service, which is reassuring for Tweet-addicts
Never miss a good Tweet again with new update

Twitter wants to make sure you never miss an update, which is a big change from its earlier plans to do a Facebook and curate Twitter feeds. How will it do that? It is encouraging a new feature called Recaps. The feature will be pushed out to iOS Twitter apps, with Android and Web updates coming soon.

The mechanism is simple - when you login, Twitter will push a summary of top Tweets and tag them "While you were away".

Keeping you coming back

Never miss a good Tweet again with new update

Depending on who you follow on Twitter, the sheer amount of Tweets can be overwhelming especially for people who do not have the time to separate those they follow into lists.

This is a way for Twitter to curate Tweets in a way, but in a way that is a little less intrusive than Facebook's forcing you to have to visit individual pages to see all the posts from a single person.

Still there's no telling whether Twitter might eventually go the way of Facebook and aggressively curate people's newsfeeds, perhaps as a means to lessen server lag.

Twitter has had to fend off the challenges of services like Instagram, that has fast begun to overtake Twitter's popularity as a sharing platform. And an effective monetisation strategy that doesn't rile up its users has still been elusive, but what is obvious is that Twitter's not going to go anywhere for a while at least.

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[Source: Twitter]