Netflix's payment system down, ruining evening plans

UPDATE 9/1/16: A customer service rep has confirmed that Malaysian customers are facing issues with payment

UPDATE 9/1/16: A customer rep has confirmed that some customers in Malaysia are facing issues in getting their cards accepted on the site. Rep's advice to affected users? Wait another 24 hours and try again. Said the rep: "We just need you to try again in 24 hours and your account will be activated for sure."

Alas, Netflix is already experiencing technical problems after inviting (most of) the world to Netflix and chill. The company recently announced it had expanded to a plethora of new countries, including Malaysia.

Netflix isn't accepting options besides credit cards at the moment but new wannabe subscribers will have to distract themselves some other way as for the last couple of hours, the streaming service has been down.

Some users (including this writer) has had issues getting Netflix to accept their cards. Customer service has advised to wait another 24 hours to try again as the system could just be overwhelmed.

As there isn't an official phone support number in this region, you can try accessing their online chat support instead here.