Netflix Rates To Increase - Partly Due To Digital Tax

Only the mobile plan remains unaffected

Can't say we didn't see it coming and yet, it still hurts. Netflix has announced that their rates are set to increase this coming January 9 2020, partly due to the digital tax and yet not fully either.

The new rates will be as follows; Basic plan at RM35 from RM33, Standard at RM45 from RM42, and Premium at RM55 from RM51. The mobile plan remains at RM17 with no changes.

While there's no doubt that the 6 percent digital tax plays some role in the increase of subscription cost, Netflix's head of communications for South-East Asia, Leigh Wong, said this was mainly coincidental. In fact, the price adjustment will allow Netflix to continue investing heavily in better content and user experience he explained to The Star Malaysia. "For example, we have to continue to improve our data compression or adaptive streaming technology," he explained.

New rates will also be given to our neighbours in Singapore so at least we're not the only ones suffering.

Regardless, it's a heavy blow for many Malaysians as we prepare for the digital tax about to be imposed on us in the next few days.