Netflix predicts Apple will start bundling its TV show offerings

A sign Netflix is taking Apple’s participation seriously

Netflix released its Q4 results recently, showing growth that would please investors. What was interesting though, was the company’s take on Apple’s TV ambitions.

Netflix competition

Netflix mentioned Apple in the note, specifically mentioning what it thought the company would try to do with its TV shows:

On the commercial-free tech side, Amazon Studios is likely to bring in a strong new leader given their large content budgets, and Apple is growing its programming, which we presume will either be bundled with Apple Music or with iOS.

While bundling with iOS seems improbable, it’s most likely that Apple will use the added content from TV shows as an incentive for people to subscribe to Apple Music - think of it as an all-in-one-place for media.

It might also be a way to encourage more adoption of Apple’s own set-top box which is facing challenges from Amazon as well as Google’s Chromecast. 

If Netflix is worried about Apple, it’s good news for us - that means there’ll be even more choices for original content in the market. Just please, no more Planet of the Apps. 

[Source: 9to5Mac]