Netflix Adds User Curated Playlists, Known As The “Collections” Feature

A better way to check out new shows to binge.

User curated playlists are the cornerstone of content sharing platforms, from YouTube to Spotify, sharing your compilations and lists of favourite videos and songs have become the best way to discover new media for you to enjoy. After years of service, Netflix is finally adding their spin on the feature.

Netflix is adding user-curated playlists called “Collections”, and it works very similarly to how you would create a playlist for any other app. Users start by making a theme for their compilation, like “Animated Comedies” or “British Shows”, and add the appropriate shows that they feel belong in their theme. After that, the curated Collection can be shared with the world.

Once shared with the world, other users can like the Collection, with more likes presumably will be featured more heavily. Favourable Collections can also be followed, in case the collections gets updated with new additions. Right now, this feature is being tested with iOS versions of the app in the US, and was discovered by Twitter user Jeff Higgins.


For now, there’s no indication on when this new feature will be a permanent fixture and be added worldwide through an upcoming update. Hopefully we’ll see more of this feature later in the year.