Discreetly Watch Netflix While At Work With This New Update

A sneakier, more productive way in fact.

Like most millenials, we love to watch something while we work. For most, having a YouTube video or Netflix playing in the background while we’re sitting on our desks, doing accounting or whatever, just makes that task a little more bearable. The folks at Netflix certainly agree and are introducing a new feature that is sure to make everyones lives a little better.

Netflix is implementing a picture-in-picture mode for their desktop version of the app, allowing you to minimise the show you’re watching and have it play on the forefront, while you do other things on your desktop. It’s a neat little feature, and should’ve been implemented a long time ago.

There will be a small new icon, placed next to the Skip and Episodes buttons, that will shrink any show you’re watching. Once shrunken down, the size of your picture-in-picture display can resized to suit your needs, though subtitles don’t work just yet on this. While some browsers like Safari and Chrome supports picture-in-picture features, Netflix’s version is fully integrated from the app itself instead of relying on the browser’s extensions.


For now, it seems to be testing with a number of users, though we hope to expect it soon. Compared to the rumbling feature they want to put into smartphones, this one at least seems pretty useful for work.