Netflix Aims To Launch Their Own Print Magazine

Tentatively called “Wide” for now.

Netflix has truly evolved from DVD renting site into a massive multimedia corporation. From their own self-produced shows and movies proving to be very successful among fans and critics, with their original film Roma being nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, Netflix is just getting started on being a household name in the film industry.

Their next big move comes in the form of a magazine, a true shift in their paradigm of being an online-focused business. Similar to how Amazon started opening physical brick and mortar stores once their online storefront was booming, critics are saying that this is Netflix’s way of legitimising their stake in the film industry, showing that they are worthy of playing with the top guns like Disney and HBO. 

Wide, a working title for the magazine, will be the number one place for all things new on Netflix with interviews, essays and features about and by people who work on Netflix’s plethora of shows and content. Granted, Wide isn’t going to be sold on store shelves and newstands; instead it will be an industry-insider magazine, only being sold to the companies and affiliates that make up the film industry as a whole.


As of now, Netflix is still only in the planning stages of this proposed magazine and there is no release date just yet. With this on the way, who knows what other avenues are Netflix is looking into for the future.