Netatmo June wearable UV sensor promises to keep your skin safe

And it does it while looking like a bit of Argos jewellery
Netatmo June

Netatmo has jumped aboard the wearable tech bandwagon with June, a UV sensor that you wear on your wrist.

The bangle syncs up with an iOS app that asks a few pertinent questions to work out how much sun is too much for your skin, and delivers alerts to let you know when you need to slap on some more sun cream, pop a hat on or duck into the shade. The app also lets you know how long you've spent in the sun, and when the UV rays were beating down on you most intensely.

The stand-out feature of the June isn't what it does, though, but how it looks; Netatmo has enlisted jewellery designer Camille Toupet to create a gadget that can do double duty as a brooch or bracelet. The sensor comes in gold, platinum and gunmetal finishes, and "glimmers and shines like the rays of the sun," as the PR fluff has it.

While we have to applaud Netatmo for making a piece of wearable tech that doesn't look like a rubber bracelet, the June is a bit… well… bling. More Argos than fine jewellery, sadly. Still, it's a brave stab at making wearable tech that people might actually want to wear. Some people, at least.

The Netatmo June will be available from summer 2014 for US$100 (RM329).

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