Nestlé Ice Cream Solar Powered Kiosks Debuts At Sunway Lagoon

The kiosks uses their #1 enemy to keep their ice creams frozen: the sun

A sunny day and ice cream might be a great combo, but there are two opposing forces at play, the heat of the sun versus the frozen treat’s chill. Leave ice cream out to face the elements, and the sun will always win. But the fine folks at Nestlé have finally made the sun do their bidding with their new Solar Powered Kiosks.


The Nestlé Ice Cream Solar Powered Kiosks were unveiled during the launch at Sunway Lagoon where the media had a chance to experience a demonstration of how the kiosks were set up and its functionalities. To commemorate the launch, Nestlé Ice Cream Malaysia also gave out free ice cream to the public.


“We are introducing our Solar Powered Ice Cream Kiosks to further our sustainability commitment to the environment that we operate in. Prior to the Solar Powered Ice Cream Kiosks, we introduced over 13,000 Eco Freezers across Malaysia in 2015, these freezers require half as much energy as previous models and uses natural refrigerants to keep our ice creams at the right temperature,” said Teo Heng Keat, Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Ice Cream.


Each Nestlé Solar Powered Ice Cream Kiosk works 100% independent of electricity and can reduce 263kg of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere per year. The solar energy harvested from a day’s worth of charge can keep the Nestlé’s Solar Powered Ice Cream Kiosk running for up to two or three days.


We here at Stuff Asia applaud Nestlé’s commitment to make a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment to its customers, as well as paving the way for innovations such as this brilliant solar-powered kiosk. The Nestlé Solar Powered Ice Cream Kiosk is currently located in Sunway Lagoon and is operational daily from 10am to 6pm.