Navigo – the GPS watch that buzzes you onto the right path

This clever compass concept will keep you on the straight and narrow
navigo bike

Pulling your phone out of your pocket to check your route is a chore – Navigo is a handy gadget that'll guide you home.

The designers are currently working with Quirky to start manufacturing the Navigo – once it’s up and running, it'll combine basic watch functions with GPS navigation, wirelessly syncing with your smartphone.

Good vibrations

navigo charging

Although the device is in its early concept stages now, the plan is to use smart vibrations to alert you to the direction you need to go. That means either following a compass direction or a set route you've plotted out on your phone's maps application. You can even set it to find the nearest station or coffee shop.

Technically, with the right apps, you could set Navigo to vibrate whenever you’re near a friend. Or pub, if that’s more appealing.

Keep checking back to see the project as it advances.

[Source: Quirky via Gizmag]