Nattch thinks it can be the anti-Facebook

New service says it won't have most of Facebook's useless content

Imagine where Facebook only showed you who and what you cared about. Meet Nattch, a new social network that keeps it down to basics while not being as cute as that other social network we have already forgotten about, Ello.

No ads, just useful things

Nattch promotes itself as a "clean" network. It's also a very severe curator. You don't like what users are posting or you find some user objectionable, then you can report them.

Once a post or user is reported a set number of times, instant removal happens. Brutal but efficient. And for the privilege you get charged US$0.99 a year. Risky, considering the plethora of free apps out there. There's also the question of how Nattch is going to be able to sustain itself when it doesn't believe in ads and is very restrictive in its content guidelines.

Currently Nattch is a standalone app and is going for free on the App Store and Google Play. If you want a cleaner, less noisy version of Facebook, give it a try. Good luck with getting your friends to join you, though.

[Source: Techcrunch]