Nanotech toothbrush makes toothpaste obsolete

No toothpaste? No problem, with this revolutionary dental hygiene tool

Electric toothbrushes had to get an upgrade sooner or later and yes, there is now a toothbrush that doesn't need toothpaste.

Kosho Ueshima has invented a toothbrush that uses nanotechnology to clean your pearly whites. The toothbrush, dubbed Misoka, uses specially-engineered bristles that are coated in “nanosized mineral ions”. The ions help remove stains and forms a protective coating that prevents plaque and other unwanted materials sticking to your enamel. This is possible with Ueshima’s co-operation with the nanotechnology company, Yumeshokunin Co. LTD.

The point of the toothbrush is to reduce waste by eliminating the requirement of toothpaste which should also save you money but the problem is that the toothbrush only lasts about a month with regular use until the nanocoating wears off and you will need to go out and grab yourself another toothbrush. Not very eco-friendly, we think.

Apparently the toothbrush will be reaching European shores later this year though it has been on sale in Japan for quite a while now. Now if they'd only invent one that cleans our teeth while we sleep, that'd be something.

[Source: Digitaltrends]