Nanoleaf Bloom is a fresh take on the smart lightbulb

Smart bulbs at smarter prices?
Nanoleaf Bloom is a fresh take on the smart lightbulb

The trouble with smart bulbs in the market is the controls. Sure, the apps fold into the other things your phone does – the problem is your phone doesn't really fold into other household uses, unless you change EVERY switch in the house. That kind of investment is not something every homeowner is capable of.

Enter the Nanoleaf Bloom. Instead of fiddling with your phone to turn bulbs on/off or dim the lights, the Bloom bulb does it with some simple manipulation of the standard on/off switch. So you don't even need the traditional dimmer switch anymore, if you didn't have it. The bulb is smart enough to figure it out on the ubiquitous on/off switch.

Kickstarter dream

It turns on/off regularly as any dumb bulb would. How it dims the light is through a series of on/off sequences – that is, click on/off a set number of times in quick succession to set it at your desired brightness. How does the bulb do it? The Bloom contains a small microprocessor that translates the on/off sequences into measures of variable brightness in the bulb. Hence, no additional hardware or apps required for energy-efficient smart light!

The bulb itself is also rather fascinating in shape, styling itself like a completed geometric puzzle piece. The Kickstarter has taken off very quickly – the Bloom has raised more than USD$130,000, more than quadruple its original goal and still has nearly a month to go. Each bulb is going for USD$40 at a basic price threshold on the Kickstarter, which means it won't be cheap to outfit an entire house.

That said, the endeavour and price of retrofitting your house with dimmer switches or any of the alternative smart bulbs will cost at least the same amount of money, so it's your decision, oh fair consumer.

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[Source: Techcrunch