NailO makes your trackpad literally a fingertip away

Control your computer or smartphone with merely a swipe across your nail

Inspired by nail sticker art, MIT Media lab researchers have invented a nifty little trackpad that fits on a nail. We just wish they didn't decide to call it NailO.

Covertly swiping your smartphone

Why would anyone want this? Sometimes you don't want to be seen using your smartphone, like say, during big events or meetings. The NailO houses a microcontroller, Bluetooth radio and a capacitive sensor all within its tiny frame.

According to the team, NailO has a 92 per cent gestural input detection accuracy. There is the problem of accidental gestures, which the team proposes to fix with a 2-second activation press made mandatory before other gestures can be performed.

We might actually see this go commercial in another three years, the MIT team estimates. In the meantime, these entrepid researchers are also working on creating a battery that could fit on a thumbnail and yet be half a milimetre thick.

[Source: CNet]